FHWA Value Capture Webinar Series

Registration is now open for the Value Capture Webinar Series  beginning on June 20th, 2019.  Value Capture refers to a toolbox of strategies used by public agencies to capture a portion of the value generated by public infrastructure investment.  These are powerful funding tools that can help address funding gaps, can be part of the mix of funding sources for transportation improvement solutions, and can accelerate project delivery, save time and money, and enhance safety when done properly.

Interested in learning the application of individual value capture technique use to capture the benefits created by transportation infrastructure project, faster and more effectively, while also achieving system performance goals and accelerate the project delivery process?  Interested in funding and financing strategies for a needed program of projects? Then please join us to learn more about Value Capture techniques, including case studies that are being practiced by lead agencies around the country. Registration is free but limited to 300 participants and to those who would like to participate in the entire webinar series.  See also FHWA’s web site to learn more about the Value Capture resources.